by Samskarasmetal

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Lithification explores the relationship between anger and self-control. Does what we experience make us stronger, or change us into something we no longer recognize?


released October 26, 2018

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Christian Donaldson and Marc-Olivier Fréchette at The Grid.
Music and lyrics by Eric Burnet.
Arrangements by Eric Burnet and Alexandre Dupras.
Cover art by Mikio Murakami.
Band logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Lord of the Logos).
Samskaras is:
Eric Burnet - Vocals, guitars, bass.
Alexandre Dupras - Drums.


all rights reserved



Samskarasmetal Montreal, Québec

Samskaras is made up of Montreal-based musicians Eric Burnet (Derelict, Unburnt) and Alexandre Dupras (Teramobil, Unhuman).

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Track Name: Reconciliation
Deconstructing sadness
For subjugating pain
To turn another page

For those who carry it, the burden a conscience
A curse from evolution that allows to self-reflect
Seldom are we gifted with redress or vindication
Rather, in confusion our foes besmirch our names

Severed lines best left severed
Only fools wish for reconciliation
Severed lives best left severed
Rebuild stronger through lithification

Touching live wires is a shock to the system
Witness to the fading of a vague imagined past
Glimpsing into new, unimagined disappointments
Transcending to new plateau of haemorrhaging wrath

Deconstructing anger
For subjugating hate
To burn the fucking page

Just shove it down

There’s no place for this
Pathetic feelings that resurface
There’s no grace in this
Hard labour is the only option

Trust, not
Don’t look back

Burning oil can't take water
Lest the fire is to grow
Only pressure can relieve it
Growing layers, building stone

Magmatic overtures at hellish depths
Churning raw tissues into tempered metals
The heart that emerges... invincible
Buried deep but beating still
Track Name: As Warriors
The primacy of rage, overpowering
An endless list of lines that were crossed
A battle never fought but remembered
Opportunities to kill that were lost

Tap into that inner wild animal
He’s pacing at the bars of his cage
Tempted, salivating

So stunted by the codes that define us
Disconnected from the physical, the visceral
We deny ourselves the right to be human
To taste adrenaline and blood that would soothe us

Let. Go.
Your cancer is the self that you don’t fulfill
Using your potential against you

We have weakened our society, our culture
Atrophied our senses with comfort and structure

Patience kills lust and will

We’ve transposed independence for submission
Willingly suppressed our defiance with contrition

Obligated to pursue broken solutions
Operated by the frivolous, the whimsical
Biding time until the critical mass
Ready to administer destruction at last

Tap into that inner barbarian
He’s pacing at the boundaries of his land
Tempted, salivating

Wait long enough in silence
You’ll normalize compliance

Sheep will follow a shepherd
And dogs will lick at his hand
It’s the wolf who follows no master
In disgust he turns from the “man”

The creature comforts, the science of flesh
To wander wastelands as warriors
The once pariah now walks at the head
But shuns disciples and innocents
Track Name: Alignment
I breathe deep to bring myself into alignment
The day’s burdens on the tally
Of my inner being

Composure draped over me like a veil
Unstable, taken to disturbance
By the slightest breeze

Unnatural pressures testing boundaries
Of our primal structures

The contract to keep the peace
Is mandatory
In the face of baser needs
The warrior falters

And over time, social conditions worsen
Foundations crumbling underfoot incrementally

Then to resolve private yet shared despair
We turn to vices, entertainment, vile philosophies

Power: the Gods bought and sold the ground you’re standing on
You’re just a puppet in a game of capital accumulation

Unnatural pressures testing boundaries
Of our primal structures

The desire to lose control
Is ever-present
Giving rise to violent thoughts
The warrior falters

Day after day we the walk the lines our fathers towed
Chasing the buck, pushing down the pain
But if we look our suffering right in the face
We might bring ourselves to find another way

We breathe deep to bring the world into alignment
Our lives’ burdens on the tally
Of this whole species

Reinforced, anchored deep, now immovable
A mental foothold representing
Hallowed victory
Track Name: À Deux Mains
Aussitôt débarqués sur cette splendide terre volée
Baptisés le cheap labour des géants financiers
Isolés, assiégés, morts de fatigue, vide de sens
Façonnés en conformistes par les prêcheurs d'obéissance

Bâtissez-leur un empire
L'bon Dieu vous remercie avec des vies qui s'empirent

Ensevelis du tintamarre des bouches qui doivent manger
Gardés naïfs par l'obscurantisme des aumôniers
Délibérément aveugles à la corruption flagrante
Enchantés par les beaux leaders d'la démagogie savante

Aimez-vous la, votre empire?
L'bon Dieu vous remercie avec des vies qui s'empirent

N'êtes-vous pas tannés de vous faire définir?
De vous faire taire, de vous faire calmer, de vous faire mentir?

Endurer pour quoi, donc?
Destiné à suivre?
Regarde enfler les cochons
En refoulant tes désirs
Endurer pour toi ? Non.
Décidé à vivre
Une nouvelle révolution
La volonté de survivre

Enflamme ton cœur de Vallières, mon fils
On a pas fini de bâtir icitte
Ravive ton cœur de Vallières, mon père
Poignes ton mal à deux mains et pis vires-le à l'envers

La corruption banalisée
Nos plus grands penseurs ostracisés
Un prolétariat fier ignorant
Nécessitant un profond réveillement
Qui suivre ?

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