by Samskarasmetal

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Asunder explores the positive and negative paths that humans can take, pitting self-destruction against salvation, both on a personal level and on the scale of civilization.


released January 20, 2017

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Christian Donaldson and Marc-Olivier Fréchette at The Grid.
Music and lyrics by Eric Burnet.
Arrangements by Eric Burnet and Alexandre Dupras.
Cover art by Cate Francis.
Band logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Lord of the Logos).
Samskaras is:
Eric Burnet - Vocals, guitars, bass.
Alexandre Dupras - Drums.



all rights reserved


Samskarasmetal Montreal, Québec

Samskaras is made up of Montreal-based musicians Eric Burnet (Derelict, Unburnt) and Alexandre Dupras (Teramobil, Unhuman).

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Track Name: Fuelscape
Digesting images of obtuse ends
Pieces of puzzles we must not assemble

Drilling, endless holes
Catalyzing flesh
Hate-lust for grey desolate landscapes

Labyrinth of rationalization
Constructing these vast alien soils

Trickle-down karmic fallout waves
Engineering clouds only to stave off the burn

See how easy it is to destroy a planet

I see the Earth crumbling
I crave nothing of this
Under a hearth collapsing
Sheltered but unprotected
I feel shame and doubt
Our names will not ring out

Fire dancers seeking to call rain
Dreaming of vibrant drought-gone hues

Reaping our liquid black harvest
Dry, toxic, bitter, hateful, selfish

All this wasted time
All this wasted life
Now, this is all mine
Track Name: Solar

The ancients were looking in the right direction
Their eyes were solar bound
In lore they left us with the right connections
Their gods were solar bound

These conscious vessels, extra-systemic
Ever in conflict with an evolved nature
A hidden message swaying gently in the breeze
The greenest of our kin drink directly from the sun

Peer through a gateway to a clear perspective
Your thoughts are solar bound
Glimpse a vision of our true potential
Our hearts are solar bound

As we reflect upon the blind destruction of the past
These rays keep on giving
Free to evolve beyond this flesh and rock and ash
Towards cosmic living

The histories reveal our slow progression
When minds were fossil bound
Select few visionaries shattered conventions
Their dreams were solar bound
Track Name: Separate
Am I more than my name?
Can I transcend through accomplishments?
Immersed in self, fully separate
Engrossed in craving others

We are born into solitude
Fundamentally divided
Uprooted from the source of all being
But this is only temporary

I feel a longing for your touch
Can you please spare a moment to kick me directly in the teeth?

What has individuality achieved for us?
Are we really so elevated?
Through constant conflict and competition
Our potential is debased

All existence is love or war
And the choice is ours

Tear my heart out through my ribs
See? Now we're together
Paint my face clear with your spit
Please, I will always listen

I feel a longing for your love
But it seems that I will continue walking down this path alone
Track Name: Conqueror
Seize the world for all it's worth
Every inch of this planet Earth
There are no rules, nothing's preset
Your only masters are those you accept

Open your eyes, there is no clear predefined path
Your own two feet and your courage are all that you have
Strength, resolve, focus, openness, presence of mind
Harness all these and claim victory every time

Forget destiny and reject fate
Behold! Your kingdom is what you create
Seek no privilege, collect no gifts
Build your own power and consecrate it

Some claim limitations are their birthright
To these then I offer this insight:
You will only achieve what you strive for
Know that the universe could have been yours

No one holds the keys to your prison
You must choose to emancipate yourself
Many voices will seek to make you forget
That nothing stands in your way
Except your self

This is all yours